Analogue HD CCTV

Analogue CCTV systems use the traditional RG59 Coax Cable. Today the technology has advanced so much that HD cameras can be connected via the Coax cable for a live HD video and recording. These type of systems are usually referred to as Analogue HD CCTV. Cameras of 1080p and even 2MP and 3 MP are also available. Higher resolutions are being launched all the time with the result that CCTV is getting more important in surveillance due to the high quality of the video captured and recorded.

The advantage of Analogue HD cameras is that it minimizes the installation cost. If one has an analogue system with RG59 cable in place, it is very easy to upgrade the system as only the cameras and DVR (recorder) need to be replaced. The same Coax cable will be used. As the cable installation is usually the most time consuming and so most expensive part of the installation using the same cable which is already in place makes for a cost effective installation and system!

There are also IP Camera Systems available. These cameras use the IP network protocol and so use the standard CAT6 cable. These cameras usually offer higher resolution. These cameras also offer the flexibility as they can be connected to the nearest network point if an IP network is already installed in the building.